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The Enitec GmbH guidelines

The Enitec GmbH guidelines

We keep a promise! The excellent performance of our personnel is the cornerstone of our success. Our goals are content customers and co-workers. We support creativity and ingeniosity and scope for decision-making to secure a constant improvement of our services, products and processes. The quality of our actions define the degree of customer satisfaction and therefore the success of the company.

Content customers and co-workers

It is our tenet to employ reliable and skilled personnel which completely meets the requirements. Highest priority is a high-quality, safe and on schedule implementation and confident relationship with our clients. With the assistance of our management system our clients’ expectations and the well-being of our employees shall be assured.

A healthy and safe labor system and preservation of environment

Our labor system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS, as well as national and international regulations. The management feels obliged to fill orders according to contract agreements, provision of the law, recognized rules of engineering and requirements of their clients. This guarantees a fulfillment of contractually agreed claims, organizational, technical and commercial requirements and environmental standards.

Constant improvement

All co-workers are required to work in the manner described in all documents concerning all legal regulations. The management system is checked regularly in all categories. Therefore all co-workers are required to actively participate in the system and make suggestions. Blunders are viewed as a chance for improvement. Successive set goals can only be achieved with an effective management system. This process is constantly monitored by the management via internal and external audits.

Committed executive personnel

We support and request self-reliance. All personnel is required to create and keep the necessary conditions concerning project requirements – like administering personnel, personnel support , trainings and standards- and report any necessary changes in time.

Declaration of commitment

With the help of our system, acute induction and further documents, we make sure that our policy is installed, understood and conducted at all levels of our company. The management team insures that the documentation is released and effective. This system is mandatory.

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