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Industrial assembling

We offer professional assembling and welding solutions at the highest stage. Due to our always highly qualified and educated co-workers, we are in the position to quickly and straightforwardly execute every order to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Clients from across-the-board

Our circle of customers mainly consists of established, large-scale plant manufacturers, engineering companies and mid-size businesses. Our conducted orders include preparation services, fitting solutions, as well as welding services at power station construction zones, chemical- and petro chemistry plants or in the food industry. Furthermore, our skilled staff team is on hand for running revision works. Above and beyond the construction of conventional power stations, chemical plants, the construction of secondary structural engineering and pipeline building is also part of our area of application.

Our services at a glance:

  •  Installation of new power stations, pipeline projects and refineries, handling turnarounds or shutdown in chemical plants or refineries.
  •  Maintenance, repairs or turnarounds in the previously listed facilities.
  •  Dismounting, installation in every area of general plant manufacturing, constructional steelwork , plus pipework-, gas- and steam turbine technology.
  •  Employment of co-workers in the fields of production, startup procedure or service department
  •  Construction site pre-fabrication of pipeline pools and components

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  •  Welders and pipe fitters with international experience, all areas of application and materials
  •  Efficient installation services for major industrial enterprises
  •  Quick, flexible and trustworthy service
  •  Persistent availability and professional foremen
  •  24-hour operating Task Force


All materials, nominal sizes,

wall thicknesses and welding techniques.


Shutdowns, turnarounds and more.

High-powered and comprehensive.


Provision and supply of qualified and skilled employees or managers.