Provision and supply of qualified and skilled employees or managers

Provision of workforce

The service package of the Enitec GmbH is rounded off by the existing permission of workforce provision. Thereby we are capable of offering you our high-skilled personnel from the industrial and technical sector near-term, and at any time. Apart from installation staff groups this also includes foremen.

High-skilled staff

We only deploy employees with long-term experience. Needless to say, they regularly receive training and take examinations according to SCC and VCA, and hold the individually required, occupational health care and personal safety certificate. Besides the certified welders, the majority of assemblers and pipe fitters possesses the following certifications:

  •  Flange certification according to DIN 1591-4:2013
  •  Dogman certification
  •  Emergency responder certification
  •  Training as hot work supervisor according to BGI560
  •  Supervision of flange operations BGR117
  •  BGR190 - breathing protection
  •  Scaffold usage certification compliant with BGR663 / TRBS 1203

Our services in summary:

  •  High-skilled staff in all technical areas of application
  •  Maintenance of industrial facilities and more
  •  Regular advanced training and staff tuition
  •  High demands and strict observance of safety regulations

Contact us

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How to reach us:

+49 (0) 2323 - 94 62 550


  •  Project-related experienced expert staff
  •  Precisely fitting and versatile personnel
  •  24 hour on-call service


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